Vitamin B2 Hypovitaminosis (Riboflavin)

What is Vitamin B2 Hypovitaminosis (Riboflavin)?

This substance enters the human body mainly in the composition of meat products. Mainly involved in processes such as the transfer of hydrogen molecules and various redox chemical reactions in the body. Also takes some part in the transformation of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, the formation of hemoglobin.

Causes of Vitamin B2 Hypovitaminosis (Riboflavin)

Lack of vitamin B2 is quite rare pathology. Mainly observed among the starving and those who are on some varieties of therapeutic diets. Endogenous causes are violations of the processes of absorption in the stomach and intestines (with chronic inflammatory processes, reducing the amount of juice produced by the pancreas, the development of malignant tumors of the digestive system).

Symptoms of Vitamin B2 Hypovitaminosis (Riboflavin)

All the symptoms of the disease with a vitamin deficiency in almost all patients consist in disorders affecting the eyes and oral cavity. The latter are manifested in the form of inflammatory processes of the mucous membranes, constant dryness of the lips, the appearance of peeling and cracks on them, jamming in the corners of the mouth. The patient’s tongue acquires a bright red color, it looks brilliant. Pain appears when consumed sour, hot and hot. Damage to the eyes leads to the development of inflammatory processes in them, as a result of which the vision of the patient is significantly impaired.

Skin lesions are manifested in the form of rashes, which have the appearance of red spots with peeling. In appearance, the picture resembles seborrheic dermatitis. The main locations of pathological lesions are the scalp, nasolabial triangle, the area around the palpebral fissures, auricles. In men, foci are often located on the scrotum; in women, in the area of ​​the outer part of the vagina. In some cases, inflammation of the periungual roller develops. In childhood, the range of developing disorders is much wider: a significant growth retardation, loss of body weight, and anemia are detected.

Treatment of Vitamin B2 Hypovitaminosis (Riboflavin)

Therapy of vitamin B2 hypovitaminosis with its preparations leads to a very rapid disappearance of all symptoms. In this case, a prerequisite is the appointment of such a patient a full-fledged diet, enriched with all the necessary nutrients, primarily vitamins. Preparations of this vitamin can also lead to a positive effect in diseases such as aphthous stomatitis, dry and fat seborrhea, rosacea, photodermatitis, pellagra, lupus erythematosus, pruritus, acne vulgaris, psoriasis, para-rapsoriasis, neurodermatitis, scab, fungal infections skin, pustular processes, etc.