What is Atheroma?

Atheromas are cystic-dilated skin sebaceous glands. Congenital and secondary varieties of atheroma are distinguished by their origin.

Congenital atheromas are benign skin tumors. They are located in the form of multiple formations, the size of them with lentil grain and more. Most often foci are located on the scrotum and in the area of ​​the scalp. When feeling, they are painless, easily displaced in relation to the surrounding tissues, dense consistency.

Secondary atheromas are extensions of the skin sebaceous glands, which are formed as a result of a violation of the outflow of sebum from them. Most often they develop in individuals with background diseases in the form of a fatty variety of seborrhea and acne. The lesions are rounded, dense to the touch, in some cases painful. The size of the nodes – from a pea to the size of a walnut. The skin above them has a pale gray color.

Pathogenesis during Atheroma

Most often the disease develops in persons suffering from a pustular type of acne. The foci are located most often in the neck, cheeks, in the ear areas, on the chest and on the back. A very dense capsule of connective tissue can form around the atheroma. In this case, in the thickness of the skin, a very dense tumor-like formation in the shape of a sphere remains.

In other cases, atheroma gradually mature, eventually becoming inflamed, further opening to the surface of the skin and secreting the secretion of the sebaceous glands, which consists of sebum, cholesterol crystals, falling horny scales of the skin, living detached cells, microorganisms, and residues of lost hair. It is extremely rare, but nevertheless, atherosis may occur, resulting in skin cancer.

Treatment for Atheroma

Traditionally, her treatment means surgery. But not always atheroma – removal. Surgery is always avoided. To cut a cyst, resort in case other methods did not bring positive results.

The operation can be avoided by removing atheroma with a laser. This is possible if the disease is prevented in the early stages. While atheroma has not acquired a large size, you can get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon through sessions of laser therapy.

Removal of atheroma by laser is less harmful to health, since it does not require cutting of human tissues. Due to this, there are no operating seams.

However, if the operation is necessary, it should be entrusted to specialists. Doctors who understand that health and beauty are interrelated. Therefore, any intervention in the human body, even with good intentions, must be carried out with extreme caution.

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