Asteatosis or Sebostaz

What is Asteatosis or Sebostaz?

This is a disease that is characterized by increased dryness of the skin. Sebum is not secreted at all from the sebaceous glands or is excreted in insignificant amounts.

Symptoms of Asteatosis or Sebostasis

Cracks appear easily on the skin of such a patient, dermatitis and peeling develop, which can capture both the skin of the trunk and the scalp. The patient is constantly experiencing itchy skin. Frequent washing of the head helps to increase the dryness of the skin on it. Very often, the described pathology affects skin ichthyosis patients (see “Hereditary skin diseases”), neurodermatitis. Currently, the disease is considered as a hereditary pathology. This is an extremely pronounced type of dry seborrhea skin.

Treatment of Asteatosis or Sebostasis

In a fatty variety of seborrhea, it is strictly prohibited to apply various ointments to the lesion area. Mainly used to wipe the area of ​​the scalp with alcohol solutions in order to remove fat. Inside, in the form of systemic therapy in such patients, mainly folic acid preparations, which are a vitamin substance, are used. Therapy is carried out for at least 2 months.

Various creams are widely used for application to the skin containing vitamin substances. Creams are prepared on the basis of needles. Many of the modern creams can be used for preventive purposes in people with healthy skin. Inside all patients with seborrhea prescribe vitamin preparations, especially with vitamins A and E. The course of therapy is continued for an average of 2 months, then they take a break and, if the signs of the disease persist, repeat it.


For the life of the patient, the disease does not pose any danger, therefore, in this respect, the prognosis is always definitely favorable. But cases of recovery from seborrhea are rare. By carrying out ongoing treatment and prevention of the disease, significant improvement can be achieved. The course of the disease is very long, periods of improvement alternate with new exacerbations. In women, periods of exacerbation often occur immediately before the arrival of menstruation, which is associated with hormonal changes in the body.

Prevention of Asteatosis or Sebostasis

This question is very important, since in the case of seborrhea, the disease is almost impossible to cure, but it can be prevented. To carry out the most appropriate and effective preventive measures, it is necessary to have very clear knowledge of the mechanism for the development of all pathological changes during the course of the disease.

In a fatty variety of seborrhea, the excretory mouths of the sebaceous glands of the skin become blocked, they are contaminated by dust particles, dead cells of the stratum corneum of the skin, microorganisms, skin pigment melanin, dead hair. This is the cause of black spots on the skin, or comedones. In a way, it is a special kind of acne. Such patients are recommended to regularly visit the cosmetology room to clean the skin of the face. They only need to wash their face with warm water and soap. Effectively use some lotions for cleaning the skin.

Also recommended are various ointments that have a degreasing, cleansing and whitening effect on the skin, and contribute to the narrowing of skin pores. In addition, it is recommended to exclude spicy food from the daily diet, to reduce the amount of consumed liquid, salt, fat. It is necessary to pay attention to proper nutrition to prevent the development of disorders of the stomach and intestines. Of the tempering procedures, it is especially recommended to take air baths, patients need to play sports, take regular walks in the woods and in general in nature. Effective recreational activities are a variety of tourist trips.

In case of a dry variety of seborrhea, you should never wash your face with cold water. When living in areas with increased water hardness in such patients, it is recommended to boil water or add some amount of borax, soda to it before washing. It is better to use children’s, velvety or spermaceti soaps that help moisturize the skin. With very high skin dryness, using soap is not recommended at all. Wrinkles are formed on dry skin in earlier periods, it fades faster. With a dry variety of seborrhea, you can lubricate the affected skin with egg yolk, which is mixed with 1 tbsp. l glycerin or honey, leaving a cosmetic mask on the face for a while. You can also use vitamin or other masks, of which there is a huge variety in modern cosmetology. Such patients are strictly prohibited to take any kind of alcoholic beverages, lubrication of the skin with alcoholic solutions. Such patients periodically need to conduct prophylactic courses of vitamin therapy.

When asteatosis is carried out intensive vitamin therapy. Various emollient creams are applied to the affected skin area, which are currently widely represented on the market.

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