Red Nose

What is Red Nose?

Particular importance is attached to tuberculous intoxication, chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, neuroendocrine dysfunctions, vasomotor disorders.

Causes of Red Nose

This pathology appears most often against the background of increased sweating of the tip of the nose. This, in turn, is a consequence of disruption of the endocrine glands in the body.

Symptoms of Red Nose

In the area of ​​the tip of the nose, a large amount of sweat dewdrops is released on the surface of the skin. Subsequently, many small nodules with a reddish color appear in this place. They have the size of poppy seeds, the skin in their area is densified and has a purple color. Very rarely, such formations can appear in the chin and lips. When feeling the skin in the area of ​​pathological foci, it turns out to be cold. In this case, the patient himself does not experience absolutely no subjective sensations.

Red Nose Treatment

Vitamin preparations, most often A, E and group B, are prescribed as systemic general therapy. Of the physiotherapeutic procedures, Bucca rays are mainly used. Hygiene of the lesion focus is its rubbing with a solution of alcohol and sprinkling with talc.

Always in every way favorable.

Prevention of Red Nose

The patient should constantly use special sunscreen creams while in the sun. In general, exposure to the skin should be avoided in direct sunlight.