Vulgar or Strepto-staphylococcal Impetigo

What is Vulgar, or Strepto-staphylococcal Impetigo?

These are pyodermatitis, in which the etiological factors (pathogens) are simultaneously both staphylococcus and streptococcus. The following diseases belong to this group: from surface forms – vulgar, or strepto-staphylococcal impetigo, from deep pyodermatitis – their atypical varieties, such as chronic ulcerative-vegetative pyoderma, shankriformnaya pyoderma and pyogenous granuloma (botriomycoma).

Causes of Vulgar, or Strepto-staphylococcal Impetigo

Provocative factors are previous or concomitant pruritic dermatosis. These are scabies, eczema, neurodermatitis, traumatic skin lesions, pollution, maceration of the skin with saliva.

Symptoms of Vulgar, or Strepto-staphylococcal Impetigo

The disease begins with the formation on the skin of streptococcal impetigo – conflict, which is filled with transparent contents. Due to the addition of a staphylococcal infection, the contents of flicheny quickly becomes cloudy and becomes purulent. Further, the secretion desiccates and a thick crust of yellow or yellow-green color is formed. Located vulgar impetigo mainly around the mouth, eyes, nostrils, much less – on the skin of the trunk and extremities. Mostly children, girls and young women are ill. The full cycle of development of one element lasts 8 to 15 days, at the end of which it remains pigmentation, disappearing without a trace. Individual pustules tend to merge

Diagnosis of Vulgar, or Strepto-staphylococcal Impetigo

The diagnosis does not cause difficulties.

Treatment of Vulgaris, or Strepto-staphylococcal Impetigo

The lesions are smeared with alcoholic or aqueous solutions of aniline dyes, apply ointments: “Hyoxysone”, “Lorinden C”, “Dermozolon”, 1% neomycin-new, demino oil, 1-2% boric tar tar (on naphthalan). Healthy areas are wiped with 1-2% boric salicyl or 1-2% salicylic camphor alcohol.

The prognosis is favorable.

Prevention of Vulgar or Strepto-staphylococcal Impetigo

At the time of treatment, washing and washing of older children is not carried out. For infants make baths with a weak solution of potassium permanganate (pale pink), solutions of the series or chamomile, ethacridine lactate 1: 1000. It is necessary to limit the use of sweets. In time to treat scabies, eczema, otitis, rhinitis, conjunctivitis.