Bullosa Impetigo of Newborns

What is Bullosa Impetigo of Newborns?

It is an easily flowing, abortive form of the newborns epidemic pemphigus. It is considered a benign form of staphyloderma. Manifested by the emergence of single-chamber bubbles, located separately from each other in a small amount. The size of the bubbles – from pea to cherry, they are covered with a thin, tense tire, which quickly opens, exposing wet erosion. Bubbles are filled with serous-purulent contents, after drying of which crusts form. The main locations of the pathological process are the trunk and limbs. The prevalence of bubbles and their growth are insignificant. The condition of the sick child is often satisfactory.

Diagnosis of Bullosa Impetigo of Newborns

The diagnosis is not difficult to put on the clinical picture.

Treatment of Bullosa Impetigo in Newborns

Bubbles are opened with a sterile instrument, and erosion is treated with aniline dye solutions.

It is quite favorable, but with concomitant diseases, the course of the disease may worsen.