Why should we actively fight with snoring?

People usually do not take snoring seriously. Especially those who snore. It is believed that their loved ones suffer more from snoring, which they can not sleep because of the loud sounds that are heard nearby. Indeed, people who snore, do not hear their own thunderclaps, but in spite of this they suffer from them and, worst of all, put their lives at risk. And there are many such. With age from snoring, 60-70% of people suffer.

Why does snoring occur?

There are three reasons for this. The first is associated with disruption of the central nervous system, the second – with physical damage of certain parts of the nasopharynx, the third – combined: the first and second causes are combined.

Consider all the reasons in turn. First, we describe the mechanism of snoring. If a person opens his mouth wide, he will see that on the border with the throat, a tongue hangs from the sky. It is attached to the muscles. If the muscles are toned, they support it, and the lumen of the respiratory throat remains large enough. If the muscles weaken, the tongue sags, partially overlapping the lumen of the respiratory throat. Often the situation is further aggravated by the weakening of the chewing muscles, which opens the mouth during sleep. Therefore, the process of breathing does not occur through the nose, but through the mouth and the sagging tongue begins to vibrate, which causes snoring.

Why the brain is badly guiding “Night Breath”

What makes breathe with his mouth? In many cases – intoxication of the body. Therefore, they say that the problem of snoring is a problem of the biological age of a person. If a person smokes, abuses alcohol, eats “gastronomic garbage” (products with chemical impurities), breathes polluted air and the central nervous system – the brain, reduces its activity. Because of this, it sends an insufficient number of impulses to different parts of the body. Less control signals are received and muscles that support the tongue and jaw.

In support of this, we give an example from medical practice while working in the phytotherapeutic department, which functioned in the hospital. One of the patients of the day hospital, who was treated in the department, snorted so loud during the day’s sleep that her neighbors left the room, because they could not only rest, but even talk among themselves. After two weeks of herbal medicine, which contributed to the active cleansing of the body, the woman suddenly stopped snoring. Doctors who used to hear loud sounds from the ward of this patient in the afternoon, at first even sent nurses to check whether everything is fine with her. Purification of the body contributed to the restoration of brain processes, and hence to get rid of the problem of snoring.

Snoring is 10-15 breath stops per hour

But snoring should alarm not only because it signals the contamination of the body and other problems in it. The main danger lies in the fact that during the snoring, the person periodically stops breathing. As it was said above, snoring arises from the vibration of the tongue, which constantly falls when breathing with the mouth. This causes it to swell and it closes the windpipe. A person stops breathing from 10-15 seconds to 3-4 minutes. The longer the respiratory arrest lasts, the more the skin color changes in those who snore, acquiring a red-blue shade. This indicates that he has a significant oxygen starvation (hypoxia).

If someone were watching him at that moment, he might think that he was dead. As studies have shown, such stops of breathing can be up to 10-15 per hour. Breathing is restored after a person unconsciously in a dream turns his head or changes the position of the body. Then the tongue deflects, releasing the breathing gleam. These actions of the body are controlled by the brain, sending the necessary impulses. Therefore, everything depends on whether this “control panel” will work in time. We have already said that the overwhelming majority of people he works far from full capacity, and therefore, there is a threat that one day will not give the right impulse and the person suffocates in a dream.

Snoring – risk of nocturnal heart attacks and strokes

The situation is complicated by several other factors. Many people have a habit of gorging themselves at night. As a result, the blood becomes thicker. The heart, without the help of other muscles, which become immobile in a dream, is harder to pump blood than in the day, and if it also acquires the sour cream consistency, the brain begins to receive it in less quantity, suffering from a lack of nutrients and oxygen. In a state of hypoxia, he still reduces his activity, the heart raises blood pressure, and with it – and the risk of heart attack, stroke. There is a threat that the body of a person who has stopped breathing does not receive a timely command to move. It is especially dangerous when a person not only ate, but also drank more than normal (1 glass of wine or 30 grams of vodka) of alcoholic beverages.

It should be noted that people who snore, blood and so becomes thicker. After all, due to the breathing of the mouth, water from the body evaporates more intensively. Not without reason travelers in the desert have a prohibition to talk (not to open their mouths). Therefore, snoring is especially dangerous for the cores, since, causing hypoxia, can lead to a heart attack. Snoring is one of the factors of nocturnal heart attacks and strokes.

Who is threatened with the problem of snoring?

For those who have the following risk factors:

  1. excess body weight (fat deposits are a consequence of the inability of the liver to remove fat and toxins from the body);
  2. delayed metabolism (in this case, the liver again does not have time to process and purify the body);
  3. hypertension (high blood pressure causes oxygen starvation of the brain, with all the negative consequences);
  4. cardiac arrhythmias (acceleration of the heart rhythm indicates that the heart lacks the strength to push blood in the right amount to eliminate the phenomenon of oxygen starvation);
  5. allergic conditions (they indicate that the body is excessively “slagged”);
  6. chronic sinusitis, sinusitis (due to obstruction of nasal breathing, the person begins to breathe through the mouth);
  7. physical damage to the nasopharynx.

Yoga against Snoring

Let’s talk about the second reason for snoring – physical (or peripheral snoring) and how to fix it. Peripheral snoring is associated with problems in the nasal sinuses. These can be adenoids in childhood, resulting in curvature of the nasal septum, trauma to the nose, narrow throat (congenital feature), chronic sinusitis (sinus inflammation), rhinitis, sinusitis (inflammation of the nasal mucosa due to colds, viral or allergic diseases), etc. .

Sinusitis, sinusitis and rhinitis are very good to treat with the help of a lion pose from yoga. On the exhalation with the sound of “ah-ah,” open the mouth as wide as possible, sticking out the tongue as far as possible and trying to reach out to the chin, to cover the mouth with a tongue over the larynx, with the tip of the tongue stretching towards the throat.

This exercise can be performed in a somewhat interpreted form. On a flat plate spread the honey, adding to it chopped garlic, onion, ginger, horseradish, mustard or any other spices. Push out the tongue and slowly lick it from the honey plate with spices. The pose of the lion greatly enhances the circulation in the nasopharynx, resulting in the disappearance of inflammatory processes. Honey with spices will accelerate this process.

Surgical operations – simple and quite effective

In case of problems with curvature of the nasal septum and narrow throat, you need to consult an otolaryngologist (ear-throat-nose). These defects are eliminated surgically. Such operations are simple. In most cases, they are performed under local anesthesia and ambulatory – a few hours after surgery a person can go home.

Modern means are not always effective

In Western Europe today, aerosols are used against snoring: a special liquid is injected before going to sleep in the throat, which “freezes” the tongue, it becomes immobile, less vibrates, and consequently snoring also decreases. In this case, it becomes easier to close the snoring. And he himself will also be in danger, because although without sounds, but still breathe mouth with all the negative consequences that were mentioned above.

Modern medicine has invented yet another anti-snoring remedy: a special device: a three-dimensional mask is attached to the head, connected to a two-meter hose that is attached to the apparatus providing the breathing process. The essence of this device is that it changes the position of the lower jaw – pushing it forward. This affects the restructuring of the human respiratory tract, contributes to getting rid of snoring. Over time (after many nights) the person’s jaw gets used to being pushed forward and fixed in this position. Then a person can sleep without an apparatus. The drawback of this invention is that, together with the position of the jaw, both the diction of the person and the contour of her face will change.

Uncomfortable feel and those who “turns” at night in bed. As well as relatives of snoring, which scares his “night view”. The most important thing is that the device works by electricity. Meanwhile, in our conditions, no one is immune from the fact that at night the substation will turn off the current and the device will stop giving the person air. Also, the device can not eliminate the diseases that led to snoring.

Combined causes of snoring require combined treatment

The third reason for snoring is combined: it involves both physical injuries and the central nervous system. Doctors-otolaryngologists say that from the physical reason for snoring they help to completely get rid of 60-70% of patients, in 25% of cases snorting remains (this is due to the prescription of physical injuries that entailed other changes in the nasopharynx), 5% can not be helped promptly. This means that physical damage was not the main cause of snoring, but secondary. At the first place – intoxication of the body, certain diseases. With them you need to fight as described above.

The problem of snoring, like the vast majority of body problems, is often associated with the biological age of a person.

Tips for those who want to get rid of snoring

  1. Cleanse the body (adjust the diet and eating regimen).
  2. Normalize the body weight, get rid of extra pounds.
  3. Monitor the blood pressure level, not allowing it to rise.
  4. Do not overeat at night, dine at least two hours before bedtime, the dishes should be light.
  5. Cure inflammation in the nasopharynx.
  6. Consult a doctor to make sure that you do not have physical damage to the nasopharynx.

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