How to Become Higher: Making the Body Grow

The main factor of human growth is genetics

It should be understood that human growth is always due to genetic factors. Scientists believe that the growth of 60-80% depends on genetic indicators. In other words, the appearance of a tall child in a small family is very unlikely. However, this does not mean that growth can not be influenced at all. Your main task is not to interfere with natural growth and exclude those factors that can slow it down. Narcotic substances and alcoholic beverages are the main enemies of healthy development of the body. Their use during puberty inevitably leads to growth delays. Another reason for the possible inhibition of growth is inadequate or inadequate nutrition. Also you can resort to some tricks to visually look higher.

Calculate your intended growth

Based on the growth of their parents, it is possible to approximately calculate their expected growth in the future according to the following scheme:

  • Fold the growth of the father and mother (in centimeters).
  • Add to the received number 13 cm if you are a boy; subtract 13 cm if you are a girl.
  • Divide by 2.
  • As a result, you will get your expected growth in the future, plus or minus 10 cm.

The correct diet is a prerequisite for healthy growth

  • Adhere to a balanced diet. A person with a full physique always seems to be lower than the owner of a slender figure. In addition, proper nutrition is a pledge of well-being.
  • Eat lots of lean protein. Among the products with high protein content – white poultry meat, soy, fish, dairy products. All these products contribute to the normal development of muscles and maintain a healthy bone state. Rapid carbohydrates (pizza, sweets, drinks and other sweets), on the contrary, have a destructive effect on the musculoskeletal and muscular systems.
  • Eat foods high in calcium. Calcium, contained in spinach, cabbage and dairy products, is necessary for healthy bones.
  • Saturate the diet with zinc. Scientific research indicates a possible relationship between zinc deficiency and growth retardation in the young male body. Rich sources of zinc – oysters, pumpkin, wheat germ, peanuts, zucchini seeds, crab and lamb meat.
  • Consume vitamin D. Development of the muscular and bony systems of children directly depends on the presence of vitamin D in the body. Its deficiency inevitably leads to a delay in growth and the accumulation of excess weight in adolescent girls. Vitamin D is found in fish, alfalfa and various types of mushrooms.

Sport – move up

In the period of puberty, exercise is especially important. To grow and develop, the teenager must be active. To stimulate growth, exercises with jumping elements are very useful. Active muscle training should be given at least 30 minutes a day. For classes to be not only productive, but also regular and exciting, it is advisable to follow one or more of the following recommendations:

  • Sign in to the gym. Subscription to the sports club provides access to a mass of wonderful simulators and a variety of sports equipment. In addition, the availability of a paid subscription is a good motivating factor (it’s foolish to miss classes where money is spent).
  • Enter any sports section or team. For many people, the competitive spirit inherent in team sports can be even more attractive and tempting than physical activity itself. Classes in the team are more interesting and at ease than individual training.
  • Do not be lazy to walk. When there is a free minute, make casual walks. It does not matter where to go – to the library, school or supermarket. The main thing is to walk a lot and with pleasure.

Sleeping – means growing

Another pledge of active growth is a full-fledged healthy sleep. The body grows during sleep, so the longer you sleep, the more time you give your body for growth. Teenagers and young people under the age of 20 years are advised to sleep 9-11 hours a day. The peak of production of growth hormone (growth hormone) falls at the time of sleep. Strong, calm sleep contributes to the normal synthesis of growth hormone in the pituitary gland.

Answers to questions that might concern you:

  1. Is caffeine slowing growth?
    Studies have shown that caffeine does not slow down the growth process. However, caffeine is capable of provoking significant sleep disorders. As you know, children and adolescents should sleep about 9-11 hours a day. Caffeine can adversely affect the quality and duration of sleep.
  2. Does smoking interfere with growth?
    The effects of nicotine and tobacco smoke are still under study. According to reports from Columbia University, studies have shown that children who are passive or active smokers are below their peers who do not smoke and are not exposed to tobacco smoke.
  3. Do steroids prevent growth?
    Certainly. Anabolic steroids suppress the growth of bone tissue in children and adolescents. In addition, they help reduce the amount of sperm, increase blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attack. Children and adolescents who use steroid inhalers for asthma attacks are 1-2 cm below their peers who do not take steroids.
  4. At what age does growth stop?
    The growth of the body stops after puberty. Typically, this happens in 20 years or slightly later. While the period of puberty lasts, the body continues to grow.

How to look above: the main visual tweaks

  • Watch your posture. Always keep your back straight, do not slouch. Gently pull your shoulders back, mentally pull out your spine. A person with a correct posture looks much higher and more attractive than a stoop.
  • Wear tight clothing. Clinging things accent attention to the contours of the figure, while the spacious clothes do not stress them at all. Wide, spacious clothing makes a person visually lower, mundane. Wear only those tight clothes in which you feel comfortable.
  • Girls should preferably choose shoes with heels. Low-growth girls are not recommended to wear ballet flats, slippers and other models of shoes with a flat sole.
  • Emphasize the dignity of your figure. If you have long legs, wear shorts and miniskirts. Give up gaiters and losin – they visually shorten not only the legs, but the entire body.
  • Wear clothes of dark shades. Dark clothes make you look slimmer, and a slim man, in turn, always seems to be taller. Black, dark blue, rich green and other dark colors will help you to appear taller and slimmer.
  • Buy things with vertical stripes and patterns. Vertical decorative elements make the figure more slender. Horizontal, on the contrary, visually add a few extra pounds.

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