What is Hypotrichosis?

It is a fairly rare pathology. The disease is of a genetic nature, detected in the form of family cases, when all or almost all members of one family are ill.

Symptoms of Hypotrichosis

The hair on all parts of the body is either completely absent or there is hair, but they are very rare and thin. Such a picture is revealed immediately after the birth of the child and remains thereafter for the rest of his life. Sometimes the disease begins to develop not immediately, but at an older age. In this case, the hair begins to grow much slower, they become thinner to a large extent due to metabolic disorders in them.

The most favorable is the course of the disease, when it manifests itself only on the body, without affecting the scalp. At the same time, the patient does not experience any inconvenience at all, and in general does not consider himself a patient.

Treatment is also not required. If the process is localized on the scalp, the baldness leads to a very unfavorable cosmetic effect and causes large emotional lesions in the patient.

Hypotrichosis Treatment

Since the disease is of a genetic nature, no therapeutic methods can cure such a patient.


Favorable in relation to future life and work capacity. In relation to recovery, there is practically no chance.