Abrasive Pre-Cure Cheilitis Manganotti

What is Abrasive Pre-Crozal Cheilitis Manganotti?

Pathology got its name because it was first described in great detail in 1933 by the dermatologist Manganotti. This doctor noted that in such patients, cheilitis manifests itself mainly as the appearance of skin defects on the red border of the lips, with the result that over time the process almost always transforms into lip cancer. Mainly affected lower lip. Like all malignant neoplastic diseases, abrasive precancrosis cheilitis most often develops at an older age – about 60 years. Mainly males are ill.

Causes of Abrasive Precancerous Cheilitis Manganotti

The basis of pathological processes developing in a disease is the disturbance of metabolic processes in the skin and the mucous membrane of the lips. As a result, atrophy develops. As a predisposing factor is tooth loss in the elderly, wearing prostheses. But these factors only predispose to the development of pathology, for the occurrence of directly pathological changes requires the presence of another kind of factors, the so-called trigger. These include direct sunlight, one-time or permanent injury to the skin of the lips. A secondary role in the development of the disease may play a deficiency in the body of vitamin A, disorders of the digestive system.

Symptoms of Abrasive Pre-Canky Cheilitis Manganotti

Manifestations of cheilitis Manganotti are quite diverse. In typical cases, the lesions have the appearance of small at first defects in the area of ​​the red border of the lips, which are round or oval, sometimes irregular. Their surface is smooth, smooth, as if polished. It has a bright red color. In some patients, thin layers of preserved skin cells in the form of thin films remain on the surface of the defects.

Often the lesion may be crusted. If you remove them with a spatula, you can get bleeding. Interestingly, when injuring defects where there are no crusts, bleeding never happens. Defects are located on virtually unchanged skin, swelling and compaction of its almost never detected. Sometimes these foci occur on the background of reddening spots of the skin, which are manifestations of inflammatory reactions. At the same time, the reddening site itself extends beyond the limits of the defect for a further radius. Sometimes, inflammatory reactions are very pronounced, in these cases the entire red border of the affected lip takes on a bright red color. There is tight swelling. A characteristic feature of this pathology is that the inflammatory processes are often quite unstable, they can appear and then quickly disappear. This is not observed in almost any inflammatory skin disease. The number of lesions themselves is usually small and ranges from 2 to 3. Most of them are extremely rare. Defects that occur on the red border of the lips, quickly heal and cover with normal skin. However, they reappear in the same or elsewhere. Less commonly, they may not heal for a long time.

In the course of the disease, new foci appear and disappear. In the future, in the absence of adequate treatment, there may be a transformation of formations into lip cancer.

Diagnosis of Abrasive Pre-Canky Cheilitis Manganotti

To make the correct diagnosis is quite simple, based only on the data of external examination of the patient. In doubtful cases, it is necessary to take smears and scrapings from the area of ​​pathological lesions on the lip and make their research under a microscope. Erosive forms of systemic lupus erythematosus, lichen planus and leukoplakia, pemphigus, erythema multiforme, herpetic skin lesions can be diseases that resemble the external manifestations of an abrasive precancerous form of cheilitis.

Treatment of Abrasive Pre-Canky Cheilitis Manganotti

Various topical medications are used topically applied to the skin to heal the skin. If there is a pathology on the part of the digestive system, concomitant glandular cheilitis or a meteorological type of cheilitis, then the main condition is their therapy. If there are foci of chronic inflammation in the oral cavity, they must be eliminated. It is necessary for the loss of teeth properly and timely install dentures.

The only treatment for cheilitis Manganotti, which contributes to almost one hundred percent recovery, is surgery. However, it is shown only in cases where the development of a cancerous tumor has not yet occurred at the site of the pathological process. This is pre-set by examining the patient’s material under a microscope. Surgical treatment is not an emergency measure; before it is performed, most often the patient receives drug therapy for 2-3 months, which as it prepares the pathological focus. Apply a concentrated solution of vitamin A, vitamin P. Also appointed drugs that help improve blood flow in small vessels.

Vitamin A solutions in the form of applications are topically applied topically. Used ointments with drugs of adrenal hormones, cytotoxic drugs, drugs that promote the healing of the skin.

If microscopic examination of a scraping from a pathological focus revealed cancer cells, then the operation is a measure of emergency treatment and should be performed as soon as possible. Not only the pathological lesions themselves, but also a certain amount of the surrounding tissue are promptly removed, which is a precautionary measure against the spread of the tumor.


Favorable, but only in cases where the treatment was promptly carried out and the development of a malignant tumor has not yet occurred.

Prevention of Abrasive Precancerous Cheilitis Manganotti

Such patients should very carefully protect the sore lip from any, even the slightest injury. It should also spend less time in the sun. A great role is played by the correct prosthetics of the teeth. All these measures apply not only to the sick, but also to the elderly, with predisposing factors.

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